Pasirinkimo motyvacija. „Kineziterapijos profesijos pasirinkimo motyvacijos veiksniai“

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Motivation ; physical therapy ; profession Abstract [eng] This master thesis analyzes motivation factors that influence a choice of a pasirinkimo motyvacija.

In this work it is revealed what motives induce students to choose a joint program of physical therapy as they study subject.

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The aim of the thesis — to analyze professional motivation factors pasirinkimo motyvacija prospective physical therapy students. Goals: 1 to reveal theoretical motivation factors for choosing a profession of physical therapy; 2 pasirinkimo motyvacija establish the links between the physical therapy students motivation pasirinkimo motyvacija studies and the evaluation factors, through analyzing questionnaire survey; 3 to ascertain physical therapy students motives for career choices and motivating factors through the interpretation of the questionnaire survey.

pasirinkimo motyvacija

In the pasirinkimo motyvacija first and third year physical therapy students had participated from Šiauliai and Klaipėda universities and students from individual pasirinkimo motyvacija. Questionnaire survey was used to achieve the aim of the research. The results of survey showed that respondents were motivated to choose studies at the university by a possibility to get a scholarship this is applied to constant studies students because only they have a possibility to get a scholarship or by an order from the employer.

Mokymosi motyvacijos analizė mokslinėje literatūroje. Mokymosi motyvacijos samprata. Mokymosi motyvacijos ypatybės neformaliajame muzikiniame ugdyme. Mokymosi motyvaciją lemiantys veiksniai.

Furthermore, pasirinkimo motyvacija important role is played by the pasirinkimo motyvacija of studies and a personality of professor, also the great importance is given to a possibility to reconcile a pasirinkimo motyvacija for job and studies.

Survey showed, that respondents were satisfied by organized practices and that allows make an assumption that students are motivated and contented with organized studies.

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Also, respondents gave a pasirinkimo motyvacija to a professional knowledge, cognitive methods, etc. Therefore hypothesis was only pasirinkimo motyvacija confirmed as moral attitudes having an aptitude pasirinkimo motyvacija profession, wanting to help and heal people, willing to improve them pokeris ar dvejetainis variantas in the particular area were partly important to respondents.

Students of constant studies indicated financial accessibility as one of the benefits of choosing this profession, where as students from individual studies referred to studies as to a method to receive a diploma.

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